Month: November 2014

Phoenix Lands No.1 Pick, But Elite Sports Properties Wins The 2014 AFL Draft

espThe AFL Draft was held last night on the Gold Coast, and the players weren’t the only ones whose hard work paid off. Behind the scenes, agents were working around the clock to ensure their clients would get the opportunity to make it on the big stage.

Landing at the number 1 for St. Kilda was Paddy McCartin, who is managed by Phoenix Management Group. This is Phoenix’s first no.1 draft pick. The company is relatively new in terms of representation, having formed from Ricky Nixon’s former agency Flying Start.

Stride Sports Management had the most number of picks in the top 10 with three selections. These were Angus Brayshaw (3), Caleb Marchbank (6) and Nakia Cockatoo (10) respectfully.

The real question is which agency did the best overall in the draft? To determine this I gave each selection a point for their position. There were 87 draft slots last night. Starting with the no.1 pick gaining 87 points, The numbers decreased by 1 per pick, till pick 87 who received 1 point.

Based on this method, Elite Sports Properties were the clear winners with 627 points. Their first selection came in at no.5 with Daniel De Gooey heading to Collingwood. They also had another 5 picks in the top 30, with 11 total players being selected in the draft. This should come as no surprise. The multi-sport agency has the largest number of AFL players on their books, with 6 certified agents to service them.

The aforementioned Stride came in 2nd place, with 550 points and a total of 9 selections. Last year’s winners, Connors Sports Management, placed 3rd with a total of 429 points.

Below is a table of the top agencies and how they all fared:

Agency Points No. of Draftees
Elite Sports Properties 627 11
Stride Sports Management 550 9
Connors Sports Management 429 9
McDonald Sports 406 8
Phoenix Management Group 282 6
Players Ink 238 4
Mac’s Sports 216 3
Velocity 197 5
Essentially 75 2
Precision Sports 73 1