The Highest Paid MLS Player Doesn’t Play In The League

The MLS has just released it’s latest round of player’s salaries, taking into account the new signings to the league. Highlights of the new additions include Jermaine Jones, who has transferred to New England Revolution and is earning an annual salary of $3.25 million. Another USA national team player, DaMarcus Beasley, is earning just shy of $780,000 playing for Houston Dynamo.

However, it is a former AC Milan player who tops not only the list of new players, but the entire MLS. Brazillian forward Kaka has been listed as earning a wage of $7.17 million, eclipsing that of Seattle’s Clint Dempsey, who earns $6.7 million respectively. What makes Kaka’s situation unique is that he isn’t actually playing in the league. He was signed by new franchise Orlando City, who are due to enter the league in 2015. In the meantime, he is currently on loan at Sao Paulo.

Among other new players is David Villa, who was signed from Athletico Madrid to new team NYFC. He is listed as earning $60,000.


(H/T Washington Post)


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