Sebastian Vettel Earns Sweet Bonus For Winning Title

sebastian-vettelRecently crowned F1 Champion Sebastian Vettel is set to receive quite a lucrative bonus from his Red Bull team. The German driver clinched his fourth title in India last weekend.

Sebastian’s current base contract with Red Bull Racing pays him approximately $14 million a year. For winning the title, he will receive another $6.9 million in compensation, taking his total to just under $22 million.. This is a significant increase on last year’s bonus, when he received an extra $4 million for the title.

Despite Vettel dominating F1 in recent years, he is not the highest paid driver. Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso is set to receive nearly $45 million this year, while Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton is on track for around $38 million. Red Bull’s other driver, Mark Webber, is on a salary of $7 million per year.

At 26, Vettel has plenty more racing ahead of him. He may be in line for a bump in pay in the future, but money isn’t the only thing driving him. He enjoys his time away from the track, and has in fact turned down several lucrative endorsements in favor of free time.

Sebastian wasn’t the only person at Red Bull Racing who received a bonus, with each employee receiving a bonus of roughly $16,000.

*Sebastian Vettel is self-managed*


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