NFL Star Loses Endorsement By Tweeting About The Competition

vernon_davisESPN’s Darren Rovell has reported that San Francisco 49ers star Vernon Davis has lost his endorsement with Vita Coco after publishing a tweet supporting a competitor. Vita Coco is a worldwide leader in Coconut Water. Vernon signed with the company in August of last year, and re-signed with the company a mere 10 days ago. It was on the same day that he published the following tweet stating he uses Body Armor, a ‘super drink’ packed with twice the electrolytes of a normal sports drink. Here is the tweet which caused VitaCoco to terminate their agreement:

What lesson can be learned by this? Simple. Don’t endorse a competitor of a company that is paying you to endorse their product. No doubt VitaCoco would have had clauses in their agreement with Vernon stating he was not to promote a drink in the same industry through any channel.

This is is a similar situation to that of soccer star Ronaldinho, who lost his sponsorship with Coca-Cola after drinking from a can of Pepsi at a press conference.


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