When A Twitter Chat Can Go Wrong: #AskHarry

v65oai7fxn47qv9nectxIt was suppose to be a way for fans to connect with the manager of their football club. A simple engagement where people could ask questions to QPR manager Harry Redknapp by using the #AskHarry hashtag.

What transpired what not what the social media team at QPR would have envisioned.

The hashtag became the number one trending topic worldwide, but for all the wrong reasons. People jumped on the hashtag and unloaded with barrage of jokes and abuse, with topics which the chat was clearly not designed to address. Questions regarding his alleged tax evasion, mismanagement of funds at Portsmouth and even the legitimacy of his fatherhood to son Jamie were propelled in his direction.

Some of the follwing were the most retweeted tweets:

As you can see, no topic was off-limits, and these were some of the more tame ones. I’m not too sure what QPR can do to remedy a situation like this, and to be honest the hashtag will probably get a workout for the next 48 hours at least. If anything, QPR could just run the course of their usual business on social media and ignore the tweets they deem inappropriate.


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