Breaking Down Andrew Bogut’s Contract Situation

andrew-bogut-golden-state-warriors-nba-nba-426334294Andrew Bogut, arguably one of Australia’s best ever basketball exports, is in the final year of his 5 year/$60 million contract. Having signed the deal with Milwaukee Bucks, he was traded to the Golden State Warriors in 2011. He is due to make $14 million this season.

Bogut has been clouded by injury problems since hurting his elbow on a dunk in 2010, when he was averaging a double-double per game. He later had surgery on his ankle, which led him to miss even more game time.

NBA contracts are guaranteed, so regardless of his injuries the team he was playing for had to honor his contract.

Looking to the future, what contract can Andrew expect at the end of next season?

Firstly, the length of the contract is out of two options: He can re-sign with the Warriors for a maximum of three years, or test the free agent market and sign with another team for four years.

Bogut has indicated he would like to stay with Golden State, and understands that his value has probably dipped in recent times due to his injury. A deal with game incentives would be something he would entertain. However, with the Warriors making a play for another centre in the off-season in Dwight Howard, and California’s high tax rates, he wants the team to show that he is wanted by them.

Negotiations have already begun, and while Golden State’s first offer wasn’t what his team were looking for, it wasn’t exactly insulting. So what would get the deal done? I believe a deal in the region of $12 million per year for three years is a fair deal, with escalators taking the deal to approximately $13-14 million, based on the number of games played. Reports from Australian news outlets stating he will receive $19 million a year seems grossly overestimated, with reports coming out of the Bay Area stating a figure of approximately $13 million.

Andrew would prefer things to get done sooner rather than later, and should an offer not come in that is satisfactory, it is likely he will become a free agent. If he were to reach the level of play he demonstrated prior to his 2010 injury, then he may well see his value push past his current contract compensation.

Andrew Bogut is managed by David Bauman of Lagardere and Bruce Kaider of One Mangement, in which he also has an ownership stake.


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