Why Do People Connect With Sports Agencies On Social Media?

v65oai7fxn47qv9nectxIMG Worldwide has 15,500 followers on Twitter, while Elite Sports Properties is approaching 2500. Stride has 715 likes on Facebook; Velocity Sports has 263.

What are the reasons someone would follow an agency on Social Media? They are not in the same category as many other companies such as Coca-Cola or Nike, where there is an element of brand loyalty attached. Not only that, these companies usually offer an incentive to follow them by offering competitions and discounts, something rare or near impossible with a sports agency.

To understand why people connect with these agencies on social media, firstly we need to look at what they publish on these platforms. Looking at an example of a few agencies’ previous tweets, we can break them down into three categories:

    • Tweets or retweets about a players’ performance.
  • Tweets or retweets involving a company/team associated with a player they manage.
  • Tweets or retweets involving a player signing a new contract/endorsement.

Someone wouldn’t follow an agency for the purposes of staying informed about a player they manage. It would a rare occurrence for an individual to have all their favorite athletes represented by one agency, so that reason can be ruled out; It is more likely they follow the athletes themselves. Agencies don’t always publish results of their clients, so it would be more likely a person connects with a results service for this information.

Next we need to establish who connects with agencies on social media. Using a sample of  several companies on twitter, it can be deduced that the majority of their followers are:

  • Sports management students
  • People involved in the sports business industry
  • Companies and teams connected to the agency or the clients
  • Media personnel
  • Athletes

Based on all the information presented above, the reasons why people connect are as follows:

1. Students connect in the hope of working for an agency, and hope to obtain a better understanding of the business. However, a lot of agencies hold their information close to their chest.

2. Sports business professionals connect for networking purposes, whether it be to further their own business or their employment prospects.

3. Companies and teams connect with agencies to stay informed on the clients they are associated with.

4. The media connect for all the latest information on clients, and to develop a relationship with the agency to obtain greater access to their athletes.

5. Athletes connect as they obviously have a vested interest. Athletes’ families and friends also do for these reasons.

Although there are general sports fans who follow the agencies, it is rare. As previously mentioned, they can get their information from other outlets, such as ESPN and Fox Sports.


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