Australian Open Boosts Prize Money, Continues To Be Richest Tournament In Australian Sport

Australian_Open_Html_MainJust months before the 2013 Australian Open, it looked like the tournament was in jeopardy. Players were unhappy with the revenue split of the prestigious Melbourne tournament, with a main sticking point being the prize money awarded to those finishing in the early rounds. Led by many of the top players on the tour, they managed to work out a deal which saw the Australian Open increase prize money, and in turn other Grand Slams followed suit.

The tournament attracts over 650,000 people a year, with spectators coming from all over the world. The 2013 Open boasted a prize pool of $30 million, and this year there will be an increase by 10%, to $33 million. This makes it the second richest of the Grand Slams, with only the US Open having a larger prize pool.

With the re-development of Margaret Court Arena due to be ready in time for the 2014 tournament, it is feasible that over 700,000 people could pass through the gates during January. This would in turn lead to a potential further increase in prize money for the 2015 tournament.


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