What Do Lance Franklin And Jeremy Lin Have In Common?

059149-lance-franklinAt the time of writing, it has been reported that Lance Franklin has been offered a 9 year, $10 million deal by Sydney. This was after first reports of a 5 year, $7 million deal.

What Sydney are doing in this scenario is similar to what Houston did when acquiring Jeremy Lin. They know that Hawthorn could feasibly move some players around to get to that magical $7 million dollar number. In 5 years time the salary cap should be over $10 million, so the extra $300,000 needed in that year should be quite easy to handle. But 9 years? Only Sydney are willing to do that. In free agency a club only needs to match the dollar amount and length of the contract, the breakdown is irrelevant. In Lin’s case, Houston knew that the Knicks would have to pay a luxury tax if they were to keep him at the contract they offered. In the NBA, a club must match the exact terms of any deal offered to their player to keep them. The outcome is still the same though, as the clubs knew that they could price the other team out of the deal.

If I was Lance I’d look for protection throughout this deal. Not knowing what the salary cap will be in 4 seasons time, I’d put in a clause stating that I be in the top 10% highest paid players at the club. The wonderful thing about AFL contracts is they are 100% guaranteed, so if Lance was to get injured and be forced to retire he’d still get paid out.

Lance Franklin is managed by Liam Pickering at Strategic Management


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