Breaking Down Patty Mills Potential New Contract

San Antonio point guard Patty Mills’ contract expires at the end of the 2016-17 NBA season, and he becomes a free agent. The 28 year-old Australian has garnered a larger role in the Spurs lineup this season, suggesting that he could handle being a starter. This makes his next contract more intriguing.

Let’s take a look at what Patty Mills next contract could look like.

Firstly some background on his situation.

  • Patty Mills is an unrestricted free agent, meaning he can sign with any team regardless if San Antonio match an offer.
  • However, San Antonio hold his ‘Bird’ rights, as he has played for at least 3 seasons with the team. This means that San Antonio can offer him a 5 year contract with raises of 7.5% per year of his first year salary. Other teams can only offer him a 4 year deal with raises of 4.5%.
  • Patty Mills can get a maximum of 30% of the salary cap as he has completed between 7-9 years of service in the league.
  • The projected salary cap is $102 million, and only San Antonio can go over this amount to sign him.
  • The projected luxury tax cap is $122 million, meaning teams who are paying over this amount incur a tax to be paid to the league.

At worst, Patty Mills is the 6th man on the Spurs’ roster, and potentially the starting point guard on another team.

I’ve identified 5 players who play at the guard position that are similar to Patty Mills, and who recently signed a new contract. Some are starters, and some are their team’s 6th man. Here are their contracts.



Average Salary Year Signed

Evan Turner

4 year/$70 million



Kent Bazemore

4 year/$70 million



Jamal Crawford

3 year/$42 million

$14,000,000 2016

Reggie Jackson

5 year/$80 million



Tyler Johnson 4 year/$50 million $12,500,000


I’ve used 3 indices to compare the players. Firstly, their stats per 36 minutes.

Per 36 Minutes
(image: Basketball Reference)

As you can see, Patty Mills’s stats are quite comparable to the other players. He leads the way in shooting percentage, while falling somewhere in the middle on rebounds, assists and points. Some of the players in this comparison play wing, meaning they garner a higher amount of rebounds.

Next, let’s look at his efficiency per 100 possessions:

Per 100
(image: Basketball Reference)

This is where Mills really excels. Once again, his shooting percentage is higher than others, and he ranks 2nd on assists. Where he really stand out is his efficiency ratings. He is roughly 10% more efficient offensively than the 2nd placed Tyler Johnson, and equal 1st on defense.

The final comparison is their Player Efficiency Rating (PER) rating. This stat deduces all their contributions into one number, whether they be positive or negative.

(image: Basketball Reference)

Patty’s PER this season is clearly ahead of the others at their time of signing their big contracts.

With this in mind, let’s look at the dollars.

The maximum contract Mills can get is with a starting salary of $30.6 million. That can be ruled out.

As mentioned previously San Antonio can offer him the largest annual raises, and the longest length contract. However, I don’t believe they will offer him a 5 year deal, unless the last year is a team option. 4 years is much more likely.

Based on the statistics above, and with the increase of the salary cap, I have concluded that his contract offers could look like this:


Patty Mills’ market value works out to be roughly $18.6 million per season. This doesn’t necessarily mean San Antonio will offer him a contract, and may let him go in free agency. Tony Parker is ageing, and they may opt to move for a big name point guard. Based on this contract he would be taking up approximately 16-17% of the cap, which is not outrageous for a 6th man.

Let’s look at San Antonio’s salary cap situation:

(image: Basketball Reference)

Manu Ginobili will retire, so he will not re-sign. Pau Gasol, Dewayne Dedmon and David Lee all have player options. They would all be expected to exercise them. Jonathon Simmons has had a breakout year, and he may be lost to another team.

San Antonio may look to trade Pau Gasol, freeing up his obligation next season. That would only leave roughly $77 million in commitments and allow the team to target a big name free agent. They would also be able to re-sign Mills.

If he was not to re-sign with the Spurs, who will he sign with? There are plenty of teams with cap space who could see Patty Mills as a starting point guard.

Dallas, Denver and Philadelphia all have a need at the PG and cap space to facilitate Mills’ market value.

Wherever Patty plays next season, he should overtake Andrew Bogut as having the largest NBA contract ever awarded to an Australian athlete.

Mills is managed by Steve Heumann at CAA Sports

(H/T Basketball Reference and Spotrac)


Travis Cloke Switches Over To Connors Sports Management

Collingwood forward Travis Cloke has made a management change. The 28 year old has signed a representation agreement with Connors Sports Management (CSM), having previously been managed by Ralph Carr at RCM Sport. It is unknown who his primary agent is at CSM, or when the move occurred.

Travis is currently in the 3rd year of a 5 year deal with Collingwood, with reports estimating his annual salary to be approximately $750,000-$800,000. However, the 5th year of his contract will only be exercised if specific clauses are met. Unless a buyout occurred, RCM Sport will still receive the commissions on this contract. Being relatively injury-free, it is not out of the question that Cloke could play on after this contract.

image: Herald Sun
image: Herald Sun

This is the first time a player has moved between the two agencies, but there has been a switch before – an agent. Robbie D’Orazio started his AFL agent career at RCM Sport, but moved over to CSM in 2013.

Melbourne based firm CSM has 3 accredited AFL agents in their company, managing high profile clients including Luke Hodge, Patrick Dangerfield and the recently retired Chris Judd.

This move certainly comes as a blow to RCM Sport, with their list of current AFL players dwindling down to just 5, most notably including Richmond forward Dustin Martin.

AFL Agent Marty Pask Exits Essentially, Creates i50 Sports

i50_logoWhile many people were nursing their hangovers on New Year’s Day, AFL agent Marty Pask took to Twitter for a special announcement. He has left Essentially to start up his own management company, i50 Sports. Fellow Essentially agent Matt Kearsley will also be moving there.

With both Marty and Matt leaving Essentially, it appears that their AFL division will wind up, as they were the only two accredited AFL agents at the firm. The division represented a host of AFL players, including Brian Lake, Michael Barlow and Dyson Heppell. All of these athletes will now move over to i50. On top of managing AFL athletes, the company will also operate in the fields of sponsorship consulting and sports marketing services.

The split from Essentially looks to be quite clean, which is rare when an agent leaves to form their own venture.

Follow i50 on Twitter here


BREAKING: Genie Bouchard Signs With IMG

opIn a move that has been rumoured for quite some time, Canadian tennis star Genie Bouchard has signed with IMG. She was previously represented by Lagardère.

Genie’s representation contract with Lagardere had expired a couple a months back and she had decided not to renew. Bouchard had been represented by Lagardère since she was 13.

The 20 year-old lit up the tennis world in 2014 by making the Wimbledon final as well as the semi finals of both the Australian and French Opens.

Her current endorsement portfolio consists of Nike, Babolat, food manufacturer Pinty’s, Coke and Rogers. Bouchard’s Nike deal is due to expire at the end of this year, and the sportswear company has already made a substantial multi-year offer for her signature. She has been touted as one of the most exciting players on the tour, and many suggest that her endorsement portfolio could potentially rival Maria Sharapova.

Genie’s lead agent will be Jill Smoller, who also represents Serena Williams. Brad Slater will also assist in her management. She has also signed with IMG Models, and is looking to enhance her standing in the fashion industry.

Genie joins a host of star tennis signings to join the ranks of IMG this year, which includes Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova

Show Me The Money: Western Sydney Wanderers Pay Dispute Reaches Deadlock

Logo_of_Western_Sydney_Wanderers_FC.svgThe Western Sydney Wanderers are currently on their way to Morocco for the World Club Championship (WCC), but whether they take the field remains unknown.

The players are currently locked in a pay dispute with the club, demanding to be compensated more fairly than what the club has offered. As it stands, the club are offering an elevated compensation percentage based on their results. If they are knocked out in the first round, the players will receive 10% of the club’s prize money. Should they go on to win the whole competition, they’ll receive 50%. To do this the club will need to defeat Spanish giants Real Madrid, meaning the likelihood of the reaching the 50% is very slim. In fact, the Wanderers are heavy underdogs to progress past the first round, so it is likely that the club will receive a total of $1.2 million, meaning the players will divide $120,000 between them.

In comparison, the players’ received 50% of the prize money for winning the Asian Champions League, and would have regardless of where they finished. This falls under the A League’s Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), however performances in the WCC do not. It is understood the players are willing to accept a figure less than 50%.

A statement from the Wanderers explains that the prize money will be used to improve facilities and run community programs, and that this money is vital to those plans going ahead.

The case seems to boil down to the Wanderers wanting to take the ‘first money out’. What this means is they want to ensure that their projects are funded from the prize money before compensating the players. Think of it as a Hollywood movie where a star takes a percentage of gross profits before the investors are paid. They’ve clearly costed these initiatives and found that is the amount they need at minimum to ensure they can carry them out. If the team progresses and the compensation becomes greater, the club can afford to distribute more to the players.

This isn’t to say that this methodology is necessarily right. The players are more than entitled a fair share of the spoils, because without their performances, there would be no WCC. What figure that should be is up for debate, but it can certainly set a precedent for the future. The Professional Footballers’ Association should look to include a WCC section in the next CBA, ensuring that such a dispute will not occur again.

Phoenix Lands No.1 Pick, But Elite Sports Properties Wins The 2014 AFL Draft

espThe AFL Draft was held last night on the Gold Coast, and the players weren’t the only ones whose hard work paid off. Behind the scenes, agents were working around the clock to ensure their clients would get the opportunity to make it on the big stage.

Landing at the number 1 for St. Kilda was Paddy McCartin, who is managed by Phoenix Management Group. This is Phoenix’s first no.1 draft pick. The company is relatively new in terms of representation, having formed from Ricky Nixon’s former agency Flying Start.

Stride Sports Management had the most number of picks in the top 10 with three selections. These were Angus Brayshaw (3), Caleb Marchbank (6) and Nakia Cockatoo (10) respectfully.

The real question is which agency did the best overall in the draft? To determine this I gave each selection a point for their position. There were 87 draft slots last night. Starting with the no.1 pick gaining 87 points, The numbers decreased by 1 per pick, till pick 87 who received 1 point.

Based on this method, Elite Sports Properties were the clear winners with 627 points. Their first selection came in at no.5 with Daniel De Gooey heading to Collingwood. They also had another 5 picks in the top 30, with 11 total players being selected in the draft. This should come as no surprise. The multi-sport agency has the largest number of AFL players on their books, with 6 certified agents to service them.

The aforementioned Stride came in 2nd place, with 550 points and a total of 9 selections. Last year’s winners, Connors Sports Management, placed 3rd with a total of 429 points.

Below is a table of the top agencies and how they all fared:

Agency Points No. of Draftees
Elite Sports Properties 627 11
Stride Sports Management 550 9
Connors Sports Management 429 9
McDonald Sports 406 8
Phoenix Management Group 282 6
Players Ink 238 4
Mac’s Sports 216 3
Velocity 197 5
Essentially 75 2
Precision Sports 73 1